Gardening the Natural Way

By George Graine, Fairfax Master Gardener
“Alchemy — Medieval chemistry chiefly concerned with efforts to turn base metals into gold”
–Merriam-Webster’s Desk Dictionary

book coverReaders, you are in for a genuine treat if you pick up a new book by the Garden Therapy blogger, Stephanie Rose. Her book, “Garden Alchemy” (Cool Springs Press, 2020), will help remove some of the myths and mysteries about what should be done in order to have a healthier garden. The sub-title of this book is “80 Recipes and Concoctions for Organic Fertilizers, Plant Elixirs, Potting Mixes, Pest Deterrents, and More.”

For many years, in fact going back to at least the 1960’s, a “prominent garden authority” posited that there were many household products that are the savior for whatever ails your garden problems. Here are just a few products that were expected to help you to become a better gardener: antiseptic mouthwash, baby shampoo, dishwashing liquid, corn syrup and molasses. Were these ever put through any kind of rigorous research testing or could a scientific source be found? If you are thinking this appears to be like a snake oil pitchman selling some whatever, you are probably correct. Was it true then? Is it true today?

Perhaps you may have heard about these cure-alls on radio or TV, or you purchased books about these wonder products for use in the garden. If so, no doubt you had hope of solving a plant problem caused by a pest or disease or something that was creating havoc in your garden. It is beyond time to put to rest that these “ingredients” will do miracles as advertised. Stephanie Rose clearly informs us about the natural way to garden. She takes a 180-degree turn from the absurd advice noted above.

“Garden Alchemy” is a no-nonsense book where you will learn how to minimize and manage plant pest and disease problems. You will also find many garden truths through the use of easy-to-follow helpful guides for the DIY gardener. The point of this book is to help you grow a healthy garden. Doing so will transform your existing property into an oasis without much drudgery and expense.

This book is a godsend for all gardeners especially for those who want to garden naturally and minimize the use of chemical applications. There is not a single way to have a successful garden. Go to a community garden