Holiday Gifts to Gardeners

clawed glovesReview our gift suggestions for the gardener that has almost everything. A solitary bee apartment house, clawed gloves, herbs you can pick off your door, and tools for those of us with declining strength top our annual list.
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Plants That Hurt Our Pets

Easter lilyWe might overlook the possibility that those beautiful flowers we grow can wreck havoc with our pets’ health. Explore what houseplants and garden favorites are most toxic to our kitties and to man’s best friend.
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Your Own Personal Greenhouse

greenhouseBoth hard core and beginner gardeners do not stop gardening when the snow flies. We bring our passion indoors under glass. Check out some of our tips for selecting and making the most of your own personal greenhouse.
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The Patron Saint of Gardeners

Saint FiacreEveryone, every occupation, and every town has a patron saint. There is no exception for gardeners. Learn why this soul is one you should keep in mind when praying for your garden’s success.
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Greens for the Holidays

wreathThere are many classes and workshops to help you make use of greens for your holiday decorations. Attend one or any other class on seasonal happenings found in our events calendar.
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