Lichen — Friend or Foe?

lichenWhat happens when a fungus and algae get together and like each other? We have a lichen. Are these lifeforms that develop a unique symbiotic relationship friends or foes in the garden?
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Ashes To Ashes

ashesWood ashes can contain calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium which can be vitamins for our growing plants. But, do wood ashes make good amendments for the soil? Learn how to apply what researchers have discovered.
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Name That Tree

hawthornThis native tree or shrub is a member of the rose family and has thorns like the rose. It also has white to pink flowers in mid- to late-spring that yield small edible red or red-orange fruits. Your choices are:
a. Crabapple
b. Hawthorn
c. Serviceberry
d. Honey Locust
e. Blackthorn
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Plan a Garden for Butterflies

butterflyFood, water, and shelter. We need it, and butterflies need it. Provide these basic essentials in your garden, eliminate the pesticides, and the butterflies might find your garden a hospitable place.
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Heaven Is A Garden

book coverYour personal heaven awaits. Reflect on the possibilities of a personal garden. Techniques to produce balance and harmony go back thousands of years when life was a bit harder than today and gardens were heavens.
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Guy Gardeners

guy gardenerGardeners can be guys. The path to a Master Gardener involves acquiring practical, trustworthy information about the outdoor world to pass it on to others. Guys can do that, too.
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Future Master Gardeners Begin

guy gardenerFairfax County Master Gardeners recently welcomed 48 new interns into our group. They began their training in January with classroom instruction and will end in three years with practical work experience at summer plant clinics.
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