Online Advice in Virtual Clinics

computer with plantsLog in to online advice on selecting and caring for your plants from Master Gardeners. Attend a virtual plant clinic on vegetables, shrubs, lawns or general gardening. Join one of our regular clinics with Q&A session three times a week.
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Good Soil Is In Hand

soil in handsToo much clay; too wet? Soil complaints are easily addressed with an understanding of the problems and by following easy steps to improvement. Embark on a plan to improve your soil.
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Easy Grow Carrots

carrotsFor healthy snacks, cooking, or decorative fern-like foliage in containers, carrots are easy vegetables to grow. Learn what steps you can take to grow these root crops, and plant some this fall.
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Step Up To Unique Ground Covers

step ground coverGrass is not the only plant you can grow to cover the ground and walk on. There are herbs, flowers, and other vegetation you can use to carpet your ground. Explore the alternatives and think about retiring that lawnmower.
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Reality in Organic Gardening

book coverThere are organic gardening techniques and pesticides you have probably struggled to understand since they seem to defy common sense. A professor of horticultural science at a major university attempts to help educate you in this new publication about the truths and hype around confusing “natural” and “organic” systems.
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Leafhopper Damage Appearing

leafhopper damageLeafhoppers are active in dry, hot, summer months, but they are not the only pests that show up in July. Learn what other pests our experience says will visit your garden this month in our diagnostic lab report.
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