Mow Mow Mow Your Lawn

lawnmowerPerforming these three tasks in mowing correctly will go a long way to making a great-looking lawn … and making the job less time-consuming.
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When Native Plants Misbehave

ragwortDon’t let the term “native” fool you. Native plants don’t always play nice. They can be aggressive, poisonous, over-spreading. Learn which natives you need to supervise and serve up a “time-out” when they become naughty.
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Recycle or No-cycle Plastic Garden Containers

garden potsAre you a “wish-cycler”, dutifully saving plastics for the recycling bin and trusting they will all get recycled? Read on to learn if your plastic garden center pots and containers are ending up in the landfill instead.
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The Scientific Gardener

bookUnderstand the mysteries of gardening and of plants. There is a scientific explanation for everything – why things go wrong and how things are supposed to work. Review the new book by Lee Reich about gardening scientifically.
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June Garden Critter Talks

buckeyeButterflies, reptiles, moths are all topics in some of the upcoming lectures and talks held at local garden organizations. Explore these and other garden happenings in our events calendar.
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A Month of Fungus

black spotWith warmer temperatures and wet conditions, June can be considered as Fungus Month. From black spots on roses to yellow blotches on tomato leaves, learn which fungus you are likely to see pop up in your garden from those our lab has seen.
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