A Shy Fox and A Sly Fox

red foxFoxes have found a suitable home in our gentle suburban landscape. Learn how dangerous they really are, and if they might be beneficial to us as a friend or foe.
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Is Honeysuckle A Monster?

Japanese honeysuckleAre they sweet smelling additions to the landscape or invasive garden thugs? It may depend what country they come from. Discover the truth about these fragrant shrubs.
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A Science of Color

fall leavesWe are treated to leaf colors for the next few weeks that can stun the senses or can leave us drab and depressed. Explore the complex science behind the color changes in autumn leaves.
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To Clean Up or Not To Clean Up

raking leavesYou have choices to make when it’s time to clean up the garden for the fall. Explore what choices exist and the consequences that come with them.
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Greens, Teas, and Wreaths For Holidays

wreathIf you are planning to make your own wreath, review our November Events Calendar for the start of scheduled classes. We also highlight candlelight teas and some early holiday open houses.
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