Thank You Very Mulch

mulch volcanoThere are “loads” of mulch alternatives to plain old bark that you can try. Experiment and help you and your landscape company use the material correctly. Mulch helps your plants but can harm them with improper application.
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Our Evening Flasher — Friend or Foe?

firefliesWe see fireflies sparkling in the evening, and see them on our plants during the day. Are these little bug lights harmful when resting on our roses? Or are they harmless fascinations to keep the curious kids amused?
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Organic Explained

oxen farmersOrganic gardening is not “gardening with organs.” There are requirements and methods that make gardening safer and help reduce the need for toxic materials applied to what we eat. Gain a better understanding of what goes into gardening organically.
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The Ageless Gardener

bookEase of use, ergonomic options, safety and comfort are all goals we aim for in gardening. They are especially important as we mature but our gardening techniques also need to mature. Review what steps you can take to become an ageless gardener.
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Summer Tea

teaAre you up for a spot of tea and a tour of the gardens? Try dropping by Green Spring Gardens this month. Or try out any of the other gardening events in our events calendar.
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A Colorful Month of Problems

mite gallsPurple spots on maples, yellow spots on cucumbers, brown leaves on trees — July can be a colorful month. Review these and other unwanted brilliant problems that our diagnostic lab sees in the month of July in its monthly review.
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