Worldly Peppers

red Thai chili peppersPeppers from Thailand, Africa and India continue to make their way into our gardens and into our cuisine. Explore some different pepper varieties you may not be familiar with and try growing some varieties from international gardens.
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Woodpeckers — Friends or Destructive Foes

ashesThese creatures can be found hammering away on an old wood tree as well as our home’s roof and rain gutters. Could they be causing any damage to the trees or the house, or are they just a nuisance? Learn if our lovable woodpeckers are friends or foes.
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Name That Tree

Malus ‘Prairifire’This small to medium-sized deciduous tree produces showy pink to white spring flowers followed by small fruit that can last into the winter. It’s a well-known ornamental tree for its all-season interest and variability in shape, flower and fruit color, and size. Your choices are
a. Hawthorn
b. Common Chokeberry
c. Crabapple
d. American plum
e. Serviceberry
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Iris In The Garden Means Spring

Iris Bearded iris blooming in your yard means your spring garden party is in full swing. But before that, you need to prepare. In the coming weeks, it’s time to check for fungal disease and for the dreaded iris borer ready to arrive and ruin your party.
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Imagining A Buffalo Style Garden

book coverCreate a quirky, personal, one-of-a-kind garden with eye-catching designs. A book can give you loads of inspiration on letting your creativity soar. Treat your garden as a laboratory. Capture your imagination — after you let it run wild.
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New Boxwood Blight Videos

Mary Ann HansenJoin Virginia Tech Plant Pathologist Mary Ann Hansen for a special video series on boxwood blight. With these videos produced by Virginia Cooperative Extension, you can learn about the disease symptoms, treatment, prevention and alternatives.
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Flower Show Trips

flower showSeveral local groups are planning trips to the Philadelphia Flower Show this spring. Is there a trip in your future? Check out these and other events in our area on the events calendar.
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