Selecting All-Americans for 2020

echinaceaThe list is out. Ten new tried and tested plant introductions have made the cut to be name 2020 All-American Selections. Be prepared to spot them in the new garden catalogs and where you might see them growing.
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Covering Up

ground phloxBare anything is not attractive, including earth. We can plant grass in those bare spots, but there are a multitude of alternatives we can grow to cover up the ground. Discover some of these in our second story about ground covers.
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Asian Shade — In Our Backyard

China Valley National ArboretumIn the first of a series, we explore a garden in our own backyard. The Asian Collection at the National Arboretum grows and displays shade delights from the orient. Learn what unique plants you might want that will prosper in our area.
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Minefield of Confusing Principles

book coverDiscover a minefield of confusing principles. No, we are not talking about congressional governance but gardening where conflicting principles push us to “do the wrong thing.” Check out all the gardening confusion with two reads by Luke Ruggenberg.
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Indoor Events for a Winter Day

succulantIn addition to talks and classes on cactus to get you feeling warm in winter, the events calendar contains day trips for birding and for the Philadelphia Flower Show.
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