Does Your Plant Get Measles?

spots on leafNo, but just as on our skin, plants may have spots on leaves indicating something wrong. Learn what various spots on vegetation mean and if you should ‘doctor’ your plants.
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We May Be the Biggest Tomato Pest

blossom end rotSometimes the biggest garden pests are ourselves. But can we help it? Yes — explore five tomato problems that we actually cause and learn how to stop being a pest. No pesticides needed.
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Coir Coming

coirPeat used as a soil amendment and as mulch in our gardens is a finite resource mined from the earth. There are alternatives on the horizon, and coir is one promising substitute. And, it may actually work better.
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Today’s Buzzword: Integrated Pest Management

lady beetle eating aphidHave you heard people and organizations using Integrated Pest Management? It deals with pests and involves managing them. But integrate into what? Learn what this buzzword means and if you can practice IPM yourself.
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Flowers, Fantasies, and Fall

begonia basketBegonias, bugs, cruises, and fall harvests are coming up. Investigate talks and trips related to these activities and others on our August events calendar.
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Seeing Spots This Month?

peach scabIn August we are seeing lots of spots — fungus on leaves, stinkbug damage on fruits and vegetables for example. Review our report from the lab on what to look for in August and how to prevent it.
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