Fill Before You Thrill and Spill

soilWhat is the best thing to fill up a container garden? The soil of course. It’s the starting point to be sure everything else is happy and vibrant. Learn what makes good container soil before you fill, thrill, and spill your way into summer.
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A Praying Friend or Hungry Foe?

praying mantisThe praying mantis has many myths and stories circulating in popular culture. Is it a friendly helper in the garden to chow down on garden pests or a malevolent predator capable of devouring its own mate?
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From Asia, Spice is Nice

spicesSome tasty treats are being grown by newcomers to our county. These herbs growing in their gardens can help spice up your cooking too. Learn about some of the more popular and easy to grow herbs from Asia.
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Name That Tree

cornus floridaThis spring flowering tree is prized for its white blossoms, maroon fall foliage and red clusters of berries. Native to eastern North America, it is the state tree and flower of Virginia. It grows 15 to 30 feet tall and wide, and wildlife love its fruit. Your choices are:
  a. Sweetbay Magnolia
  b. Black Cherry
  c. American Plum
  d. Cockspur Hawthorn
  e. Flowering Dogwood
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Lookout for the Spotted Lanternfly

spotted lanternflyThe spotted lanternfly has the potential to severely damage Virginia’s wine and agriculture industries. What is new in the fight to keep the latest invasive pest from spreading in Virginia? Be on the lookout and help keep it from spreading further.
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Planning For Water

You’ve always wanted a water feature or pond in your garden. Whether a townhouse or large estate, there are some decisions to make and some planning steps to take to be sure your project turns out to be something you will enjoy.
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Why Plant Shrubs

book coverShrubs can give structure to a garden throughout a winter season when annuals and perennials disappear, while providing bloom and color in the other seasons just the same. Shrubs can remain as an evergreen or a skeletal structure through winter.
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Gardeners Among Us

gardenThey’re back. The Fairfax Master Gardeners are returning to bring their expertise and advice to the county’s community gardeners. Review the locations and dates on the clinic schedule. Of course, all gardeners are welcome to drop by.
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