Summer Virtual Plant Clinics

Plant clinic signMaster Gardeners will again offer advice on selecting and caring for your ornamental plants, vegetables, and lawn — but not in person. This summer, join us for virtual plant clinics through our Help Line or our regular online chats three times a week.
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Trumpet This Unique Squash

squashThis long-neck, seed-free squash is enjoyed in Italy and used for soups, salads, or eaten grilled, steamed, or sauteed. Try cultivating this easy-to-grow vegetable for your summer table.
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How To Keep Roses Healthy

shrub rosesRoses have more than their share of pests and diseases. Review the more common problems and how to fight them to keep your roses happy and healthy.
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Flowering Trumpet Creeper Vine

roseThis aggressive, fast-growing vine does not creep according to its detractors. Others consider it a beautiful weed, especially when the orange trumpet flowers appear. You be the judge.
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Crab, Stilt, Goose, and Barnyard

crabgrassThey are grasses and they grow in the lawn, but they are considered weeds. Explore the most common types of grasses we consider weeds, and review what steps you can take to control them.
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Beholder’s Eye Teaches Us a Lesson

gardenerNeighbors compliment me on my beautiful garden. I only saw problems and neglect. What did they see? Remember to appreciate what you have and what others see.
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Let’s Lust Together

book coverWe love the tried and true gardens, until we stumble across something new. Explore and lust away with this new publication containing over 50 of the newest gardens of the world.
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Starting To See Tomato Disease?

early blightSummer is the time when our plants begin to take off. So do the pests and diseases. Review the common problems we see cropping up in our gardens this month in our report from the diagnostic lab.
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