Are Grasshoppers Friends or Foes?

red grasshopperGrasshoppers are found on weather vanes as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Do they live up to that reputation in your garden? Learn if these jumpy insects are gardeners’ friends or foes.
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You Say Tomato, I Say Fruit

tomatoesAre tomatoes fruits or vegetables? And pumpkins might be fruit if used in a sweet pumpkin pie, but what about using them in a soup? Learn what botanists as well as the Supreme Court say in the matter.
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If Your Boxwood Gets The Blight

ilexIf your boxwood succumbs to the dreaded blight, there are some alternatives that might substitute what was lost. Learn what look-alikes can be planted in their place, or instead of boxwoods if you fear the blight.
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Save Plants for Next Year

geraniumYour tropical plants thrived in our heat and humidity during the summer on your outdoor deck. Now, you need to bring them indoors for the winter to keep them going and hopefully let them flourish again next summer. Learn how.
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36 Essays, One Garden Life

book coverIt is always comforting to know others share our frustrations, our observations, and our joys of gardening. One’s thoughts on the garden are compiled in a new book; a companion to two others in similar topic.
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Leaves Fall, Autumn Arrives

fall foliageThis fall, a handful of events, tours, and talks on our calendar review fall foliage. Learn where and when these colorful autumn events are planned in our October Events Calendar.
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