Plants That Suit To A Tea

tea cupPlan now to grow those herbs and garden plants that you can use for your own teas. Learn what to add to your landscape and what you may already be growing to produce new fresh brews.
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Invading Ants Are On The March

fire antsThey are marching onward toward Fairfax County. These imported invasive ants have already found their way into Virginia, and may be coming to our area in the near future.
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Let There Be Light … For Seeds

seedloingsAfter receiving your seeds from the catalogs, turn to the lights. Give those seeds a good start indoors with the right light, the proper seed starter mixture, and the correct amount of moisture.
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Garden Elements

book coverA collection of elements makes up a whole. Explore what elements you might find to incorporate into your personal composition. Gardens are personal, so ensure that yours is.
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Build Your Own Grow Lights

buildingAttend one of the workshops on building your own indoor grow lights. Hop onto a bus headed to the Philadelphia Flower Show, or sign up for one of the many other events that interests you.
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