What’s Up with a Wasp

spots on leafWe sometimes hear the phrase, “mad as a hornet” with good reason. We think hornets and wasps are just waiting to attack us and inflict their painful stings. Learn if there are any types that can be our friends or if all are considered our foes.
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How Long Can You Grow?

long beansWe don’t know if Jack climbed his beanstalk and had to contend with these beans getting in his way. Double, triple, or quadruple your harvest by planting these long Chinese noodle beans next year.
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Crape Myrtle Getting a Little Scaly?

lady beetle eating aphidAs the beauty of crape myrtles begins to fade, we have a new invasive pest to worry about. This Asian nuisance appeared in southern states and has been working its way toward us. Learn more about the Crape Myrtle Bark Scale.
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A Deer-proof Garden

coirWe scare deer away and appeal to their sense of smell to keep them away. Another method is to plant a garden that is not attractive to these marauders, but will repel them. Explore some garden designs that do this in a new book by Karen Chapman that presents some more solutions in dealing with this troublesome pest.
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Talks and Walks

WoodlawnThe weather is better for being outdoors in September, so enjoy some of the walks through gardens and the accompanying presentations found in our September events calendar.
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