The Cutting Sedge

sedgesThese sharp evergreen and semi-evergreen perennials are not as well-known as the grasses they resemble. But, they are low maintenance, a benefit to wildlife, and most can satisfy your craving for native plants. And their root system can stabilize a steep slope. Give some a try.
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Is Groundcherry Pie In Your Future?

groiundcharriesAlthough not cherries that grow on the ground, these fruits like cherries can be frozen or made into jams, pies, and salsa. You can grow these South and Central American natives in your garden just as 18th century gardeners did.
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Gardening in Purgatory

hell stripThat fiery hot place between sidewalk and road pavement inhabited by weeds is an inhospitable place for a garden, but who doesn’t like a challenge? Learn the basics and the legalities for gardening in the hell strip visible in front of your house.
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Do Plants Bleed?

bloodrootOf course they do. Bloodroot has been used in apothecary shops for centuries. This spring-blooming native has a red sap previously used as a medicine and dye. And it may be useful to you — as a ground cover or a flowering addition to your shady area.
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Tripping on Education

plant saleVegetables, fairs, plant sales, and day trips pepper the events calendar for May and June. Take a break from your garden chores and indulge in a presentation to educate yourself or just enjoy a botanical garden.
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