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Master Gardeners — part of Virginia Cooperative Extension

If you love gardening and want to learn more about it, why not become a Master Gardener?
Join the Fairfax County Master Gardeners Association, Inc, a nonprofit organization of volunteers. We operate under the auspices of the Virginia Cooperative Extension office of Fairfax County.

Training program

Whether you are an experienced gardener or novice, your knowledge of gardening will expand many-fold as a result of our training program. You will be able to diagnose plant diseases and insect damage, understand basic botany, describe how to plant a vegetable garden, how to prune a bush, how to plant a tree, how to maintain a lawn, how to design a perennial garden, and much more.

You must be a Fairfax County resident to join. If you live outside Fairfax County, contact your local Cooperative Extension office for information about the Master Gardener program in your county. New members receive 30 hours of training per year for three years, with classes taught by horticultural experts specializing in various fields. You have a choice of weekly morning or evening classes offered each Wednesday from January through March. There are 10 classes per year; each class is three hours in length.

• Attend 30 hours of training per year for three years (a total of 90 hours).
• Serve a minimum of 24 volunteer hours per year.
   Master Gardener certification is usually achieved at the end of the third year.


Enrollment for the training program that begins in January 2021 is now being accepted. Complete the online enrollment from the link below.

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