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A Healthy Virginia Lawns program

Home Turf LogoEver wondered what you really should do to maintain a healthy lawn?
Do you know what the pH of your soil is, or why you should care?
When is the best time to fertilize your lawn — spring or fall?
Does the way you maintain your lawn affect the health of neighboring lakes and streams, and even the Chesapeake Bay?

Home Turf, a Healthy Virginia Lawns Program, helps you understand the answers to these and other questions. It provides you research-based and environmentally sound information about maintaining your lawn.

How it works

  1. For a fee of $40, Master Gardener volunteers will visit your property to assess the general condition of the turfgrass, take soil specimens for testing, survey and identify major weeds, and measure the square footage of your lawn area. 
  2. During the visit, you will be given a “Keep It Simple + Keep It Green” booklet which outlines key steps for proper lawn maintenance in Northern Virginia. The Master Gardener volunteers will also take a blended soil sample for analysis at the Soil Lab at Virginia Tech. The soil sample will consist of 12-15 small plugs of soil that will be taken from the area measured. (Note: Lawns under 15,000 sq ft require only one composite soil test.) If your lawn is over 15,000 sq ft or if you manage certain areas of your lawn differently, it is optional to request up to 2 additional separate tests for an additional $15 fee for each.
  3. When the results from the soil test are in, we will generate a Nutrient Management Plan to meet the needs of your lawn. We will send it to you by email or regular mail, if you prefer.

lawnIf you have any questions about the Nutrient Management Plan, the Master Gardener volunteers will be happy to answer them. (Please note that in periods of high demand, it sometimes takes upward of 30 days so schedule a visit.) Visits are traditionally in high demand toward the end of summer, so registering earlier in the season will allow you to have the test results in sufficient time for the optimal lawn replenishment time of September through November.

Sign up

Applications for the Home Turf services can be made using the on-line application and payment option. You can also print the pdf application and mail your payment via check. Both options are described below. Please note that the final date for on-line, or postmarked applications, is August 31, 2019. Applications with payment received after after August 31, 2019 will be returned.

Sign-up Options
Online Application
Complete the online application, then make your online credit card payment using Paypal. Instructions and link for the payment are found on the online form.
Mail-in Application
Download and complete the printed form and send in along with your check payment. Instructions are on the printed form.