Calling All-Americans

dianthusThey are called All-Americans but you won’t find these superheroes on a cover of a comic book. Explore the annual All-American Selections of the plant world, representing 16 flowers and vegetables that are sure to do well in most gardens throughout the country.
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Wood Ashes – Potential Hazard and Help

wood ashesImproper disposal of ashes from fireplaces and wood stoves has caused several wildland fires already this year because they retain enough heat to ignite other combustible materials for several days. But they can also be a benefit to gardeners that know how to use them.
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Keep Out, My Deer

deerSmelly, bitter-tasting repellants and concoctions can have some effect of keeping deer away from your garden. If you are tired of unattractive, expensive, labor-intensive methods of deer resistance, try this new method — it might work in your garden.
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Summer In a Bottle

terrariumWinter-weary gardeners demand some tropically-inspired activities, especially in February when winter has droned on and spring seems like it will never come. Satisfy your planting urge by building an inspirational glass-enclosed terrarium. Step by step instructions make it easier than you think.
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Name That Tree

name that treeNative to North America but not Virginia, it is sometimes used as a cut Christmas tree. It is distinctive for its color and shape, and the needle tips become sharp to the touch on a mature tree. Here are your choices:
a. Fraser fir (Abies fraseri)
b. Colorado spruce (Picea pungens)
c. Alaska cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis)
d. Canadian hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)
e. Alberta spruce (Picea glauca)
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Garden With Style

Go ahead and choose plants that are uniquely odd. Select plants with personality. Garden with a purpose but maintain a partnership with Mother Nature. If you are looking for concepts beyond native plantings and satisfying the pollinators, this book may can lead you down your own garden path.
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See The Show

Philadelphis Flower ShowThe famous Philadelphia Flower Show is a national event held every year, attracting many gardeners. For your annual pilgrimage, why not hitch a ride up and back with one of the organized trips found in the Events Calendar.
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