Give The Gift of Fire

Fire-startersGive a unique gift to friends — help them start a fire. Fire-starters are unique, homemade, useful holiday gifts that are made by your hands using dryer lint, egg cartons, and a lot of other normally discarded materials.
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Friend or Foe?

centipedeHow many legs are enough? We know that centipedes and millipedes, with all those legs, don’t run very fast. Found under rocks and in dark places, are these strange creatures friends or foes?
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Name That Tree

treeThis large shrub or small tree is grown and admired for its gnarled, twisted stems, branches and twigs. It has smooth, gray-brown bark and doubly serrated ovate leaves. A specimen plant, its eye-catching structure stands out in winter. Your choices
a. Lace-leaf Japanese maple
b. Weeping beech
c. Harry Lauder’s walkingstick
d. Contorted filbert
e. Bottlebrush buckeye
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Winterize Your Backyard Pond Water

koi fishAlgae and koi continue living in your backyard pond water through the winter. Learn how to control the bad ones, and help the good ones survive the cold. You want to enjoy the pond for another season next year.
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And Then Plants Joined New Families

DNADNA sequencing becomes a more accurate way of classifying plants once the computers were developed to crunch the numbers. Some plants were reassigned new families as a result. Explore the recent history.
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Attract Bugs to Help

book coverNot all insects are damaging pests in your garden. In fact, most bugs are beneficial. That’s the title and the premise for a book to help you attract the right ones without reaching for the chemical pesticides.
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Decorate with Fresh Greens

wreathTake advantage of some of the workshops listed on our December events calendar for using fresh garden materials in holiday decorating.
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