Nandina is Not a Gift From Heaven

NandinaAlso known as Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina makes an attractive evergreen landscape plant that produces beautiful red berries in winter. However, our native birds don’t go to heaven after eating the berries from this invasive non-native. Learn about the dangers to our wildlife.
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Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care

lawnOur grassy lawns can be maintained with little danger to us, animals, and the environment. Poisonous and not-so-poisonous concoctions are both available on the market for treating problems, but sometimes how and how much we use can make the dangerous ones safer.
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Is Your Backyard Pond Ready for Winter

pond in winterIce is nice, but the damage it can cause in your backyard pond is not. Learn how to prevent equipment damage, and keep your little cold-blooded pets alive to return next spring. Mid-winter repairs are no fun.
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Confused by Plant Names

plant labelsConfused by scientific plant names? Join the crowd. Scientists were too, and developed several methods for labeling them, creating more confusion when they did not match. Explore the history and different basics of how plants were classified based on relationships, appearance, and known characteristics.
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Seven Flowers Changed The World

book coverLove-making, perfume, medicine are some of the reasons certain flowers were highly-prized. Read about their origins, the way they were used, and influence these plants had over mankind in this well-researched and entertaining book by Jennifer Potter.
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Time for Holiday Decorations

daffodilIt’s wreath-making, centerpiece-arranging, holiday time. Review some of the workshops and trips to magical places that are scheduled in our events calendar.
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