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Humming Along

hummingbirdThey are migrating their way back from their winter homes in the tropics. And, they will be looking for a good meal when they get here. Learn what plants can keep hummingbirds humming in your yard this summer.
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A Wet Pocket or Rain Garden

rain gardenSoggy wet areas in your yard may be candidates for a pocket rain garden to capture and filter. As the name implies, it’s a garden – it doesn’t need to look like a rainwater collection basin. How did protecting the Chesapeake Bay look so good?
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Name That Tree

name that treeThis small, native tree has large, drooping leaves that can reach 1 foot in length. It produces clusters of flavorful, banana-like fruit in the fall. It is the only North American member of a tropical family of trees, Annonaceae, or the custard-apple family.
a.) Persimmon
b.) Pawpaw
c.) American plum
d.) Black cherry
e.) Peach
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Meadowlark Gardens Prepares for Spring

hellebores - deffodilsOur local botanic garden gets ready for the spring, although spring is underway and not waiting. Volunteer workers are catching up to assist the staff in helping ready the garden and its collections.
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Kids’ Corner Arrives

Kids Corner titleSpring is the time for new beginnings. In that spirit, it’s time to introduce Kids’ Corner – a new gardening feature written for our future gardeners. Why should our site be devoted
only to educating adults?
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Less Is More Gardening

book coverDownsizing is the word these days. Downsizing your garden means less work and less maintenance. Design of patios, decks, pathways, stairs and retaining walls are part of the inspiration to provide more through less.
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It’s Sowing Seeds Time

seedlingsSpring is underway as are the lectures on sowing seeds. Find these plus plant sales and day trips to regional gardens on our local events calendar.
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