Friend or Foe?

boxelder bugHe’s sleek black, streamlined, with red racing stripes looking like a Ferrari. The stylish insect can be seen around the outdoors at this time of year, and can also find his way into your home. Learn if our critter is a friend or foe.
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Happy Healthy Soil

hand of dirtHealthy soil is more than just a good dose of vitamins and minerals. There is a biological component and a physical component that work together with the chemistry to produce truly healthy soil.
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Name That Tree

golden raintreeThis is a medium-sized ornamental tree that flowers in July in our area. It has clusters of three-sided pods that are lime-green in summer, changing to brown in autumn. Its growth rate is fast, and it is adaptable to urban conditions.
a.) Japanese Pagodatree
b.) Golden Chain Tree
c.) Chinese Pistache
d.) Katsura Tree
e.) Golden Raintree
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August is Planting Time

vegetable gardenIt’s planting time … for fall vegetables. You can begin growing some veggies in time for harvest this year. Learn the fall season advantages and which vegetables do well at this time of year.
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The Tree that Bites the Dust

mulch volcanoHere are several additional man-made problems that trees must overcome in their struggle for survival. Learn how to take care of the newly planted tree by learning how not to treat it.
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Plant Sales in Events Calendar

containerPlant sales and fall gardening seminars abound in our August calendar. Read about the Begonia Show and Sale at Green Spring Gardens and other upcoming events of interest to gardeners.
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