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Beeing Native

beeJust as in the medical field, your backyard field has many specialists. There is an assortment of native bees that specialize in plants and pollination. Learn what these natives are and what your garden needs to nurture them.
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Phytophthora – The Great Plant Destroyer

phytophthoraIt is a water mold that produces phytophthora — a death of plant material with no cure. As the name implies, it thrives in waterlogged, wet soils. With an overabundance of rain and no plant preference, we might soon see this attacking our gardens.
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Name That Tree

paperbark mapleThis maple is noted for its brilliant scarlet fall foliage. It has an opposite leaf arrangement, and the undersides of the leaves are grey. The bark is highly ornamental and peels, and its fruit persists over winter. This tree is noninvasive.
a.) Sugar Maple
b.) Paperbark Maple
c.) Trident Maple
d.) Norway Maple
e.) Japanese Maple
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Friend or Foe?

beetleThese beautiful spotted beetles are found throughout the summer. Is it a ladybug wearing yellow? Their relatives are found wearing fashionable black and yellow stripes. Are they a gardener’s friend or destructive pest?
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How Grumpy Does Your Garden Grow?

book coverGardeners are not always a happy lot with the problems we face. There are a lot of things that annoy us. If you relate to the grumpy gardeners of the world, and all things on the garden world periphery, this book is for you. After all, misery loves company.
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June In The Community Gardens

garden plotsThe next time the Fairfax County Master Gardeners set up information booths at four County Community Garden Plots will be Sunday, June 24. This time, we will be there in the afternoon with the usual advice and free Lab diagnostic analysis of your plant problems.
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Summer Garden Getaways

plant saleMaybe an organized group excursion to a regional botanical garden is in your stay-cation plans. Choose from a variety of destinations offered by our local gardens.
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