Home Turf In Home Stretch

The last day FCMGA will accept new Home Turf clients will be 4 September 2016. Client enrollment applications and checks received after this date will be held for the 2017 Home Turf season. Clients will be sent an acknowledgement of their payment and enrollment for the 2017 season which will begin in May of 2017. At the start of the season clients will be contacted to schedule a visit by a Home Turf Team.
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Garden of Black and Blue: 5 Easy Plants

salviaYou might expect black and blue knees after a bruising day in the garden. But black and blue salvia doesn’t come with a lot of hurt. For the facts on this and four other worry-free blooming additions for your garden, read on.
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Gardener Procrastinators Unite

fall lettuceMissed the spring garden bug? It’s not too late to start a garden. Some veggies prefer the cooler autumn growing conditions of September and October. So don’t delay in getting get those beans, radishes, and lettuce seeds ready in August.
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Green Kyllinga

green kyllingaEvery gardener wants that special, distinctive, eternally-green plant tough enough to take the heat of summer. This new weed fits the bill, but do we want a vicious spreader and that finds a home in well-watered lawns?
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Chanticleer History

Chanticleer is known for its wildly creative design, impressionist-like displays, and emotional visitor experiences. This garden outside Philadelphia is the former estate of a family whose name is appropriately similar to “rose garden” — the Rosengartens. Read more about its history.
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Math For Iris Population Control

irisTwo is company, and three is a crowd. When dozens of bearded iris crowd into your garden, divide them up. Learn the tips on how and when iris division is necessary after their multiplication. You will have more blooms come spring, and have room for new plants.
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Annual Begonia Show

begoniaAugust is the time for Green Spring Garden’s Annual Begonia Show and Sale. Check out the incredible variety of begonias at this yearly event, and maybe take some home to compliment your shade garden.
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