No Rolling Stones Allowed

mossesGathering no moss was not the intent of these gardens. Mosses of every type and variety are taking the place of turfgrass in hard-to-grow shade areas, while their velvety green appearance is just so calming to see.
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Wood Ashes – Potential Hazard and Help

wood ashesImproper disposal of ashes from fireplaces and wood stoves has already caused several wildland fires this year because they retain enough heat to ignite other combustible materials for several days. However, wood ashes can be a benefit to gardeners who know how to use them.
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We Need Pollinators and They Need Us

pollinatorWhy don’t your cucumber plants produce cucumbers? You must invite the pollinators to your garden and give them a hospitable environment. Learn some of the steps you can take.
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Plotting A Strategy For A Garden Plot

garden plotApartment and condominium residents, as well as townhouse owners, are at a disadvantage for growing fruits and vegetables. Homeowner associations can be obstacles, too. Community garden plots offer chances to demonstrate our green thumbs when gardening at home is not possible.
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Free Speech

speakerFairfax County Master Gardeners offers a free speaker presentation for every garden topic. Learn what our Speakers Bureau can do to promote and educate your group’s desires to successfully dig, plant and grow.
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Rock The Garden

rock gardenRock Gardens 101 is only one of the several garden programs offered for homeowners at Green Spring Garden this spring. See the others on the events calendar.
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