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Let There Be Peas On Earth

snow on raised bedSome eat the peas, and some eat the pods. And some of us eat both. Because they love cool weather, peas are one of the first crops to plant in spring, and one of the first to harvest. And, they are easy-peasy to grow.
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Spring Tune Up For Lawns

wheelbarrowSoil testing, applying soil amendments and preemergent herbicides, and infilling bare spots are all good springtime chores to begin your annual lawn care. Review the checklist and maintenance schedule to ready your lawn for summer … before the warning
lights come on.
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Name That Tree

name that treeThis large, cone-bearing but deciduous tree can grow to 100 feet tall. Its feathery, fern-like foliage turns orangish-brown to reddish-bronze in the fall. Once nearly extinct, it is now prized as a specimen tree. Your choices:
a.) Giant sequoia
b.) Bald cypress
c.) Tamarack
d.) Dawn redwood
e.) Cryptomeria
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Landscaping Savings for Retirement

book coverWill savings from these budget-wise landscaping techniques send you to college or improve your retirement? Probably not, but some money-saving tips could buy you a few more plants or even a nice dinner out on the town.
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Early Spring Blooms on Hellebores

helleboresOne of the first plants to put on a show in the spring shade garden is the droopy-headed hellebores. These lush, low-growing plants can act as a ground cover that spring to life with rose, green, and white blooms come March.
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What’s New

new internsOur organization is branching out into the county’s community gardens. Starting this year, we can be found in several community gardens to interact with our gardeners at their plots. Also, Fairfax Master Gardeners is planting a new crop of interns at our organization. We wish them well as they start
their training to grow to be master gardeners.
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World is Planting Vegetables

raised bedIt seems like the world is going vegetable crazy. With almost a dozen lectures, programs, and presentations on the subject, our events calendar is sure to have one vegetable event to suit your interest and your schedule.
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