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CannaGrowers and botanic gardens agree. After trials and evaluations, they have selected these super-performing plants as the best of the best for 2018. Learn if their selections have the right stuff to become the heroes of your garden this year.
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Recycle the Holiday Throwaways

Christmas CactusWhat do you do with a plant gift you received for the holiday that has finished its holiday blooms? Most throw it away when it looks as sad as we are after the holidays pass. However, you can refresh it for another performance next year by following a few steps.
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Name That Tree

name that treeThis long-needle pine is native to the southeast United States and grown commercially for its lumber. It is fast-growing, covered in flat, scaly plated bark, and can reach heights of 100 feet. It’s the state tree of Arkansas. Your choices:
a.) Loblolly Pine
b.) White Spruce
c.) Ponderosa Pine
d.) Eastern White Pine
e.) Hemlock
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Resolutions for Gardeners

New Year ResolutionWe ring in the New Year with resolutions to improve something in our lives. Gardeners have resolutions, too. Look through one gardener’s list to see if they ring true with your gardening and if you might like to adopt any for yourself.
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Beautiful Foliage

Foliage First book coverLeaves, foliage, and green add much beauty to our gardens. After all, they are the most visible plant part that we see. Several authors also agree, and have suggested we consider the foliage as much as the blooms and fruit.
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Seed Swap

seeds in handFor an economical way to obtain seeds this spring, you might consider rubbing elbows with other gardeners to swap seeds. The Washington Gardener Magazine Seed Exchange is one event you might like to explore that we have included in our events calendar.
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