Confessions Of A Gardener

soil sample toolsLessons are not always learned in school. Sometimes they are learned by accident or through life experiences. What preconceptions about gardening did you have, before they were proven wrong?
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A Multipurpose Living Landscape

redbudLandscapes do more than provide a visual treat. They provide privacy, play areas and entertainment, and they help support wildlife. The Living Landscape, featuring color charts and photos, is a book that aims to teach us to use our landscapes for multiple purposes.
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Name That Plant

herb gardenThe plant pictured here is a native, common to our area. Some people think it is a weed; others call it a wildflower. Home gardeners often bring samples of it to our plant clinics for identification. Is it . . .
a. Goldenrod
b. Swamp milkweed
c. Mugwort (wild chrysanthemum)
d. American burnweed
e. Western ironweed
Go inside to find the name of this plant and learn more about it.
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Protecting The Waters with RPAs

RPAAn RPA is an area surrounding a stream, river or pond that is meant to protect water quality. Most development is prohibited within an RPA, which serves to filter and buffer runoff from the surrounding area before it can reach the body of water. Learn what you can do to help care for these environmental workhorses.
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Poisonous Plants

botanic gardenSome of the most common garden plants in our yards are poisonous. To learn which ones are toxic to your health, participate in Green Spring Gardens’ garden tour on October 29.
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Building Healthy Soil

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has undertaken a project that teaches farmers how to improve their soil by harnessing the natural activities of microbes. Learn how you can adapt these practices to your own garden to have the healthiest soil on your block.
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