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Cool Tips for Cold Weather

snow on raised bedFrost and freezing temperatures. We don’t like them and neither do some of our garden plants. But don’t worry. Not all cold damage you might see is permanent, so chill out. Read up on the differences, the causes, and effects this problem has on your plants.
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Cold Frame Equals Extended Season

cold frameYour cabin fever is high. You might help cure it by getting a jump on the spring planting season with a cold frame. Extend the growing season and let your spring cool season crops get a head start before the end of winter.
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A Master Gardener In Winter

to do listIn winter, you might think a gardener has nothing to do. But with animals eating away at your overwintering bulbs and planning for seed buying, there are plenty of tasks to keep a gardener busy before the outdoors beckons again.
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Name That Tree

name that treeThis mid-sized ornamental tree with gray streaked bark displays showy white flowers in spring followed by tasty blue-black berries in June. Fall leaves are red, orange, and yellow. Your choices:
a.) Black Cherry
b.) Black Hawthorn
c.) American Plum
d.) Common Chokeberry
e.) Downy Serviceberry
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Which is Witch Hazel

witch hazelBefore the crocus sends up its blooms, we have Witch Hazel to portend the coming of spring. Learn about this fragrant, early-blooming tree and its new cultivars.
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Flower Show

flowersThe annual Philadelphia Flower Show is a nationally-recognized event attracting gardeners from around the country. You can sign up for one of the several day trips to the event that are found our events calendar.
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