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Hog Wild In Virginia

hogweed signEveryone is talking about Giant Hogweed. Suddenly it’s in the news and everyone is in a panic — imagining it everywhere. It showed up an a handful of places after everyone began looking for it. Could you have it?
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5 Common Poisonous Weeds

poison signForget the hogweed. There are other weeds we see growing in our area along the road and in our gardens that we never knew were poisonous. Find out what the most common ones are and stay safe.
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Name That Tree

sassafras leavesLeaves of this native tree are unusual; three different shapes can be found on one branch. Its bark can smell spicy when cut. Native Americans used the tree for medicinal purposes, and it is found along the edge of wooded areas.
a.) Washington Hawthorn
b.) American Sycamore
c.) Red Buckeye
d.) Sassafras
e.) American Hornbeam
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Friend or Foe?

assassin bugShoot to kill. Frightfully looking assassin bugs are sneaking around your yard ready to spring into action and attack. Are they a gardener’s friend or plant’s enemy preparing for murder?
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Across The Pond

fernGo to a garden center and pick up some greenery for your pond garden. Or, you can use other traditional plants in non-traditional ways. Review some ideas for planting your water oasis with plants you may have never thought of using.
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Sensing Your Garden

book coverThere is a different way to enjoy your garden. There are actually five. Hint: stop to smell the roses. Learn how to garden using all five senses to fully appreciate your little plot of heaven.
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Poor Poor Pitiful Tree

oak treeThe white oak tree in the backyard must have been nearly 200 years old. The crown was thinning out and leaves were prematurely dropping. But nothing worked to revive it. Read how sometimes we just throw in the towel.
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Afternoon Delight

garden plotsThe next time the Fairfax County Master Gardeners set up information booths at four County Community Garden Plots will be Sunday, July 22. We will be there with afternoon advice and free lab diagnostic analysis of your plant problems.
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Container Garden Workshop

containerIs there a place for that pot with just one more plant? It’s hard to contain yourself — attend the container workshop or any of the other summer activities given by local gardens and pick up a few pointers.
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