Friend Or Foe?

earwigYou don’t find them in your ears, and they don’t hang out in wigs. Earwigs are those icky, creepy bugs you see lurking around in dark places — like imaginary Halloween characters. But are they friends or foes?
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Vampire Repellent

GarlicGet your garlic on. Growing garlic is easy, rewarding … and tasty. It’s time to plant these flavorful bulbs so you can have a successful crop next summer. Add to your grilling and ward off any vampires trying to crash your barbecue.
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Your Backyard Pond Water

pond fishIs chlorine really free and what about chloramines? If you are interested in growing fish as well as plants in your backyard water feature, you will want answers for considering the quality of the water in properly maintaining your little ecosystem.
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Spiraling, But in a Good Way

herb spiralIf you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your herb garden using a design that can help control all those crazy weeds, take a look at this unique idea.
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Hypertufa for Hyperactive Gardeners

hypertufa containersGardeners motivated with the do-it-yourself spirit will love the idea of building their own containers and troughs. Let your creativity run wild and learn how to combine materials with your imagination.
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Begin Next Year’s Blooms

daffodilWhether planning for spring with bulbs or growing herbs, fall is a great time for planting and preparing for a fresh start next year. Review some of the workshops and talks scheduled in our events calendar.
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