Caution: Falling Tree Limbs Ahead

fallen treeIf a tree falls in a forest, there is no responsible party. What if your tree falls into your neighbor’s yard, or the neighbor’s tree hits your house? Read more to explore liability, responsibility, negligence, and risk assessment.
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Five Worst Plants Invading Our Space

bambooThese five obnoxious plants are more than a nuisance. They are the most invasive, out-of-control plants in Fairfax County. Learn where they came from, why they are invasive, and how you might be able to tame them.
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Name That Tree

sycamoreThis shade tree has a moderate to fast growing rate. Its leaves are alternatively arranged, divided into three to five shallow lobes with palmate veins. The fruit is a sphere. The bark exhibits large patches of brown, green, tan and white.
a.) Yellow Poplar
b.) Sugar Maple
c.) American Sycamore
d.) Sweetgum
e.) American Hornbeam
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It Goes Around and Comes Around

vegetable gardenWhat goes around comes around the fence and into our yard … or under or over the top of the fence. Learn to welcome and appreciate your neighbor’s wandering plants as an addition to your garden.
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First Cut Is The Deepest

pruning toolsFall is prime pruning time for may trees and shrubs. Diseased, damaged, or dead are the rules of thumb for selecting what to prune out. Learn the other, more scientific methods for making the right decisions before taking that first cut.
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Beginning of the End of the Season

containerFrom fall festivals to fall flowers, our events calendar is filling with garden-themed activities to help you get into the autumn spirit.
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