2020 Home Turf Enrollment Application

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Soil Samples

The soil probe extends 6 inches deep. List areas with underground drains, wires, pipes, utilities, etc.:

Materials such as wood ashes and animal waste can alter test results. List areas where samples should be avoided:

Are pets kept outside while you are not home? yesno

Last lime application (months previous): 0-67-1213-1819+unsure

If lime was applied, rate (pounds per 1,000 square feet):0-5051-100101-150151+unsure

Lawns under 15,000 sq ft require only one composite soil test. (Note that each soil sample to be tested is a mix of 12-15 random soil plugs that we will take from your lawn area.) If your lawn is over 15,000 sq ft or if your lawn appears to have noticeably different characteristics in different areas (such as front and back), it is optional to request up to 2 additional separate tests for an additional $15 for each.
If desiring more than one overall test, please indicate location for additional separate tests:

Has your soil been tested in the past 3 years yesnodon't know
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How old is your lawn? If unsure, when was your house built? 

Do you know your lawn area? yesno
If yes, area in sq feet:  

Do you employ a lawn service?yesno

Is your lawn aerated annually?yesnodon't know

Do you overseed your lawn? yesno
if yes, how often?  

Problems in the lawn: (check all that apply)
poor drainage   thin turfsteep slope  weedsmoss wire grasscompacted soil droughtbrown patchshade grubsclay soil

Rate the appearance of your lawn: excellentgoodfairpoor

What type of grass do you have?
cool season grass (Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, fine fescue)warm season grass (Bermuda grass, zoysia grass, centipede grass)         don't know

Was your lawn fertilized in the past year? yesnodon't know
If yes, what month was it fertilized (check all that apply)
January  April     July            OctoberFebruaryMay     August       NovemberMarch    June     SeptemberDecember
If yes, how much fertilizer?   Number of bags
  N-P-K (N-P-K numbers on the bag)
  weight per bag
don't know

Do you have an irrigation system? yesno

What is the height you mow your grass? 2 inches or less2-3 inches3 inches or moredon't know

Do you remove grass clippings after mowing? yesno
if yes, they are: composteddiscarded in trashother:


What is the best way to contact you? emailday phoneevening phone

I prefer to receive my nutrient management plan by: emailmail from US postal service

How did you learn of the Home Turf program?
I give my permission to Fairfax County Master Gardeners to enter onto my property to take soil tests and lawn measurements. I understand that the base fee of $40 covers one soil test and provides program materials. Any additional soil tests are $15 each. Most lawn visits require only one soil test. I will make a credit card payment online. I understand that late season enrollments may need to be deferred to the following Spring.
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Total number of soil tests needed: 123
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$40 = program paticipation (1 soil test included)
$55 = program participation +1 additional soil test
$70 = program participation +2 additional soil tests

Optional demographics: Please help Virginia Cooperative Extension measure our effectiveness at reaching all people by voluntarily completing the information here:
Gender Ethnicity Race Age
malefemale Non-Hispanic or non-LatinoHispanic or Latino American Indian or Alaskan NativeBlack or African AmericanAsianNative Hawaiian or Pacific IslanderWhite < 1819-64>64